Here are the rolling credits added by Team Totem at end of film. All kickstarter supporters are listed! TY Tacoma! 

Comparison of footage before and after digital clean-up. Also, here is a video comparing frame rates. 24fps had not become an industry standard when Eyes of the Totem was made so Team Totem chose 19fps to best show the film.

Here's a short video

Scoring Silent

about composer

John Christopher Bayman

and his work on the new film score for Eyes of the Totem

by Mariposa Productions.


- Kickstarter campaign completed - SUCCESS!

Many thanks to all the supporting community who helped bring this film back!

Check out the story of

Eyes of the Totem

on artTown

- the award-winning documentary/news magazine  video series from Tacoma.

Learn more about Tacoma's film studio in the 1920's in this short documentary:

H.C. Weaver Studios

by Mariposa Productions.

Eyes OF THE Totem