Eyes OF THE Totem

Learn more about Tacoma's film studio in the 1920's in this short documentary:

H.C. Weaver Studios

by Mariposa Productions.

Comparison of footage before and after digital clean-up. Also, here is a video comparing frame rates. 24fps had not become an industry standard when Eyes of the Totem was made so Team Totem chose 19fps to best show the film.

Here are the rolling credits added by Team Totem at end of film. All kickstarter supporters are listed! TY Tacoma! 

Check out the story of

Eyes of the Totem

on artTown

- the award-winning documentary/news magazine  video series from Tacoma.

Here's a short video

Scoring Silent

about composer

John Christopher Bayman

and his work on the new film score for Eyes of the Totem

by Mariposa Productions.


- Kickstarter campaign completed - SUCCESS!

Many thanks to all the supporting community who helped bring this film back!